October’s Sunnyslope Art Walk Booth

Well, I have to say the Slope Art Walk in October went swimmingly well. All of us made some sales and we debuted our new Bewilderknits business cards!

New Bewilderknits biz cards

To say we're excited about these is an understatement

We practiced for a couple weekends in a row doing mock-ups of our booth. Some things worked better than others, as things always go. We had a neat wall of scarves – lighting design by Shay (of course … my husband is an electrical engineer and likes to design lighting). Below, you can also see the back side of our new folded price, fiber contents and care instructions tags.

Wall of Scarves at the Bewilderknits Booth

A big ol' wall of scarfiness for the tactile-inclined

We made a fancypants sign and put it above the wall o’ scarves that said “Please touch & try on” and put a full length mirror next to them all, but few people seemed comfortable taking them off the wall to try them on. The Wall o’ Scarves might need a Vanna White to encourage folks along.

I made a few sales – we all did – but the really fun part was actually just being in the same place as some of the other amazing vendors. How amazing? Oh, like New Times Best of Phoenix 2009 Amazing: Stacey Gordon, the puppeteer behind Puppet Pie (see her awesome etsy shop of puppets here) was behind us next to Erin and her Sock Zombies. And the spinner supreme Lisa Takata (see her super sustainable fiberous shop here) who re-taught me how to cast on a thousand times at my first knitting circles a few years ago, and then later inspired me to learn to spin yarn, was seated right beside us.

Booth Set up

There's Lisa, spinning next to our booth! The mannequins have blank stares because they're hoping you won't notice they're using ESP on you to convince you to buy a scarf.

Between this all-star crew and the visits we got from family members & friends, we had a really swell night. I improved my Kittyknitter basket this time by printing out some copy about how the Kittyknitter scarf sales work. Shay and I came up with some branding for the Kittyknitter line, which I debuted at this art walk. I’ll develop it further across time so that I can both help people get to the Kittyknitter scarf shop online but also learn about TNR resources in Phoenix like AZ Cats and Altered Tails.

Kittyknitter Basket

Try em & buy em!

Price Tag in the Kittyknitter basket

The inside of one of my new price tags

Kittyknitter Box's New Branding

Copy to read for shoppers who have the "Don't talk to me" vibe.

I think I’m going to give the alley cat in my new Kittyknitter logo a striped scarf. Then I’ll get new little mini cards from moo.com with this logo & a link to the Kittyknitter box in my Etsy shop.

I’m very pleased with how things are going. Sure, I don’t sell a MILLION Kittyknitter scarves (YET!) but I have sold a couple on Etsy to kind customers out-of-state. This winter, I have my eye on three new kitties traipsing around my back yard.

Also, Stacey learned what I was doing a couple months ago and has started a line of kitty finger puppets which works just like my Kittyknitter line – and she has now, with the help of Altered Tails, run around HER neighborhood and successfully trapped, neutered and released many strays in her part of Phoenix. When you visit her shop (and please do), keep your eye out for these! The whole Kittyknitter project has been a very inspiring experience for me.

Also what was fun was getting a whole lot of spinning accomplished in the 5-hour block of sitting at the booth, answering questions (referring some of them to Lisa), and interacting with a lot of interested kids, old guys, and cops on bicycles who said we should be in a circus. (While I probably WOULD work pretty well in a circus, I didn’t think yarn-spinning was the reason for my qualifications).

Booth from the front

Spinning storm

Spin it out

Solid 5 hours of Spinning Time - Bonus!

I stopped once for a picture

I stopped once for a picture

Family Stopping By

Cute Family stopped by

Now, I’m in the middle of making a slew of new yarn and knitted items for our next events and to re-stock my Etsy shop. We already had to reorder more business cards. The “To Do” list never ends and the ideas keep coming in. I’m happy with the work-in-progress status of this venture.


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One Response to “October’s Sunnyslope Art Walk Booth”

  1. You are amazing! It’s so inspiring to see what you’ve been working on with fiber. Love the mannequins.

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