Caught Up in a Seasonal Whirlwind

Master G

Just Call Me Master G.

Happy Graduate

Getting hooded was like being knighted. Not really, but I did have to kneel down for the hood to get put over my head and everything. There was a bagpipe player and only four of us getting our masters degrees. It was very exciting. Second in excitement only to my wedding and Shay’s graduation.

Getting Hooded is Like Getting Knighted.


There's my name!

Bagpipe man.

We were purple and green.

I was wishing I could do something this awesome more regularly, like maybe once a year. All of the friends and family who were around me made me feel so super-special and happy! Dinner afterwards was at Dick’s Hideaway and Rich comp’d the whole party. My mom gave me a sculpture and delivered a speech that had a lot of people sniffling. Even our friends from the honors college dorm that Shay lived in Freshman and sophomore year came with their darling daughter.

Ana behind a tree

The ASU West campus is the most beautiful place to have a graduation ceremony, too. It’s small and takes place on the winter grass lawn. The whole ASU West campus is a smaller community and a gorgeous campus. I always strolled and cruised, never ran, around that campus because it smelled so good and there were so many trees and scenery to soak up. I’ll be missing riding my bike around there, for sure.

Before graduation, I had to deliver my defense. This was a 15 minute speech about my Kittyknitter project and how it worked, what I learned about running a communication campaign, and how I put communication theories into action. I delivered the speech to a group of professors who were on my committee, after they had already read my 72 page paper summarizing the literature review and my project. Then, after the speech came 45 minutes of a question and answer session. Shay came and recorded the whole thing.

After I passed my defense, I tied up loose ends having to do with my teaching assistantship and immediately got to work on Bewilderknits art walk events. Bewilderknits participated in four or five events in December alone, and gained representation at another shop in downtown Phoenix called MADE. MADE has won Best of Phoenix awards for the last four years in a row, and we appear there on First and Third Fridays now. I’ve had little down time between graduation and now. Between the defense, the holidays, and making items to stock MADE, Practical Art and our own event booths, I was super duper busy.

December at MADE

We’ve also been getting some really great creative infusions from the art walks. Cold wintertime craft fair events generate trades and relationships with other vendors. Plus, all the events have been reminding me how much I LOVE being outside and how amazing the weather is here. I used to spend so much time just living outside when I was a kid. When I moved out, into a house that had rocks in the front yard and dirt in the back, I slowly started spending too much time inside. Sure, I went outside for bike rides, but I didn’t live outside anymore. I LOVE being outside! So, this year, I plan to do things to make myself be outside more.

Finally, we spent a lot of time with family. This whole season has been really marvelous. There’ve been a lot of times I wished I could freeze time. I just sit quietly and notice how perfect things are right at that moment. There’s so much laughter. I see the big picture more often lately. The picture is all good.

Under a Sheet, Over the Rooftop

Family Portrait


At a Phoenix Chorale Concert

At a 3rd Friday event at MADE

At the same Railroad Park I grew up loving, with my 2yo niece.


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  1. Wonderful blog! The wonderful pictures made me tear up a bit!

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