About the Kittyknitter

I pass on yard work in favor of yarn work to benefit the roaming cats who seek shelter in the shade of my overgrown yard.

I live a block away from the Altered Tails facility in Phoenix, who kindly promotes a sustainable solution for the cat overpopulation problem in Phoenix: a community accessible, low cost spay and neuter facility.

Feral cats are estimated to number in the millions in the U.S. Animal control trapped and euthanized to no avail; new kittens are born and quickly repopulate available territories. The goal needs to be “No More Kittens” – spaying and neutering prevents new litters of kittens plus spraying, yowling, and cat fights, and lessens suffering and neighborhood blight. The vision of Altered Tails is “to eliminate the use of euthanasia as a means of population control for companion animals and free-roaming cats.”

My goal is to alter the stray cats in my neighborhood, with the aim that they will ultimately be more attracted to yarn than they are to each other.

I contribute where I can, in two ways:

1. I knit scarves from yarn I collect and sell the finished products at a $20 markup – this profit margin equals the minimum donation required to alter one free-roaming cat due to my association with another local organization in Phoenix, AzCats. My scarves can be found in “The Kittyknitter Box” section of my store on etsy: BewilderknitsGwynne.etsy.com.

2. By engaging with the community I live in, I identify neighbors who feed stray cats, and arrange trap-neuter-release events. I collect the traps from an AzCats representative, set them up in the designated area on the designated date, monitor and collect the cats caught in the traps, take them to their appointments, bring them home and monitor them post-surgery, and release them to their territories.

I am also a graduate student at Arizona State University with a regular day job. I am interested in community organization, neighborhood revitalization, and education. In addition to knitting, I’m interested in plants, bicycles, art and design, music, candles, travel, camping, singing and talking. My favorite pastime is trying to uncover and execute cool ideas. My long-term goal is to make them work and keep them coming.


2 Responses to “About the Kittyknitter”

  1. Hello, just checking out your blog…I love that you work with animals…I feel that this is so important. I wish my state had a program similar to this. I’ve recently been spending the last few weeks taming some feral kittens outside my home and I’ve thought about taken them to get them fixed but it will be so expensive and I already have 5 dogs and 2 cats of my own to take care of…but right now at least I know they have food and love and they know they’re welcome around my house. Thanks for helping out with this program…and good luck!


  2. I also live in Phx and Tnr thru Altered Tails. I found you thru Grandmas spinning wheel site. I’m shopping for my first wheel and like the SpinOlution Mach 2 and the hopper. Have you used the Hopper?

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